Chongqing Tiandi’s “Bon Bon” is a deliverance of quality

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Tiandi is one of Chongqing’s new millstones, it is a part of the prestigious “Sui on Land” project located in the middle of the Yuzhong district on the banks of the Jialing River. Tiandi is a nice place for leisure with entertainment and restaurants it gives you a true taste of peace and comfort in the middle of a dynamic city. We had an interview with Hurricane the proud co-owner of Bon Bon, an energetic person who’s keened for excellent taste. He gave an inside of what the main objectives and targets are of the Bon Bon restaurant in Tiandi.

Even though Hurricane was born and raised Chengdu, he is truly in love with Chongqing. He came to the city 8 years ago as an employee of the Chongqing Beer group. After 2 years of work experience he decided to setup business for himself and invested in the popular Cotton club located in the Jeifang bei area. The choice for him to invest in Chongqing instead of somewhere else is because of the dynamics and the vibrant atmosphere that the city has. Now six years later he is devoted to a new successful business Bon Bon restaurant.

The name Bon Bon has his originality from the Belgium Bon Bon chocolate. Hurricane gave an anecdote of how the name was created. A Belgium friend of him, popped a bottle of Champaign this sizzling beverage in combination with launch of cap had the sound “Bon” added up by two you have Bon Bon. It made them laugh for a minute, but then it made them think at the same time that it could be an appropriate name for the new restaurant, and that’s how the name was created.

Bon Bon serves high-end western food in a romantic and cozy atmosphere. The restaurant its furnishings are of great quality and customers have to choice to sit in 4 different areas inside and outside. The food that is served will most likely not be appreciated by the local people due to the ingredients. The menu is carefully selected by two American chefs, the solely made use of western products and ingredients, and that is what separates Bon Bon from the average western food restaurants in Chongqing. The specialty which is served is for example the delicious US Angus Sirloin for only 188 Yuan. Besides the specialty dishes they also have lucrative deals; every Monday until 9 o’clock pm you can order a hamburger meal and you get another one for free, that is the same for the cocktails on the entire Sunday and the hamburger deal counts all of the other day’s as well until 2 o’clock pm.

Albeit Tiandi is not as crowded as other entertainment venues in Chongqing. Hurricane and his partners choose Tiandi on purpose; it was all done with an eye on the future. And of course with the knowledge that the menu wouldn’t be as appreciative for the locals in other areas of the city. Project management of Sui On Land is also a motivating factor for entrepreneurs, they help businesses setting up by offering lucrative deals with bright future perspectives. The infrastructure surrounding Tiandi is not completely finished yet, although within a year this will certainly change. With these changes in perspective it is most likely that Tiandi will be as flourishing as it is expected to be.

When we asked the asked Hurricane what the future plans for Bon Bon is he answered with a smile “First we do good business in Tiandi, after that we look further on”. When we asked him the same question about the prosperous city of Chongqing the thriving entrepreneur answered “There is no end in sight at least not for the upcoming 15 years. Therefore I stay in Chongqing because the combination of Hot Girls and Hot Pot makes a Hot City”.

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    Really love your blog. Cheers from France

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    You are welcome and thanks for the feedback, keeps us motivated!

    We will continue putting effort to inform the public as good as possible about what’s going on in China and around.

    Kind regards,
    Dieter Vanonckelen

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    been looking for this restaurant and bar where they have the sharks, but cant find it……

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