Dalian continuous efforts as International shipping and logistics center

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Optimization of collection and distribution system of modern shipping, promoting Dayaowan, Changxing Island, Yellow Sea and Bohai Bay wings Pacific harbor construction and feature enhancements. Efforts to enhance the radiation function of the bonded port area, the development of international shipping for the establishment of a comprehensive experimental zone, the development of shipping agents, shipping finance, maritime insurance, maritime arbitration, and other high-end shipping services to support the inter-regional development of Dalian port group. Accelerated the construction of the new airport. Deepen the port cross-regional cooperation, strengthening automotive logistics city, a sheep’s head depression and other key logistics integrated logistics park construction, and build advanced and highly effective logistics network in Northeast International Shipping Centre, Dalian International logistics center of Northeast Asia clarify visible path, in the “Eleventh Five-Year plan” striking achievements made, “Twelve Five” period, Dalian international shipping and logistics, “the two centre” will continue to issue force.

The city plans in the “second Five-Year” period, the port cargo throughput to achieve a breakthrough 500 million tons, and identified the development of container throughput target of over 10 million TEUs . Currently, the Bohai Bay, between the ports, has become white-hot competition for the container, the municipal government introduced a lot of support for this policy, coupled with return of A shares listed in Hong Kong, Dalian and so good, but also the growth of container volume in Dalian will provide strong support for . In the port and shipping infrastructure, the city will continue to increase investment, including vigorously promote Dayaowan, Victoria Bay in Hong Kong, Dalian important part of portfolio construction.

The city’s port cargo throughput this year, has exceeded 3 million tons, the year is expected to push more than 320 million tons, which is the construction of Dalian, an important international shipping center, one of the outcomes. The city has accelerated in just four years to achieve the harbor capacity from the 200 million tons of cargo throughput of 300 million tons into the breakthrough greatly shorten the cycle, Dalian Port Group contributed. As the core of the port of Dalian, Dalian Port Group, which currently represents the city port cargo throughput of 75% of throughput.

Airport passenger transportation of millions of people, is building an international shipping center in Dalian, another important achievement. Expected this year, that figure will freeze at 1070 million or so. In accordance with the previous growth trajectory, the airport’s passenger throughput growth in the city has never been below 15%, which conservative estimates, to the “second five” late Zhoushuizi International Airport passenger throughput to over 16 million people.

The Airport expansion project is on schedule to promote Phase III, but in accordance with the current rate of development it is expected that by 2018 the airport’s annual passenger throughput of Dalian will exceed 20 million passengers. By then, Zhoushuizi airport capacity will not meet such a large number of passengers between the Dalian airport construction is imminent. The Municipal Assembly report the need to accelerate the construction of the new airport. Currently, the Dalian airport projects are being submitted for approval procedures which, in accordance with the plan, the new airport to meet the 50 million annual passenger throughput of passengers, it will be in the “five-second” period basically completed and put into use for 2016.

Turning to the construction of logistics centers, international logistics center in Dalian as a “second five” the development of logistics industry in Dalian during the designated three major focus. First, the owners of logistics training body, activate a third party, fourth party logistics to make it better and faster development, while the introduction of large domestic and foreign logistics enterprises to settle down in Dalian; the second is to foster the carrier to upgrade the existing storage area of logistics functions and to build a number of modern integrated logistics park; Third is to promote the logistics industry, socialization, encourage the production-oriented enterprises spun off the logistics business, will surrender them to a professional third party, fourth party logistics enterprises in operation.

40 key logistics enterprises in our city and most of the growth of logistics companies have just released. The future will be the logistics industry in the city of Dalian’s rapid economic development under the impetus of 40 logistics companies in the “leader” in the lead, will continue to maintain a rapid growth rate, the development environment will be significantly improved logistics, logistics enterprises from traditional to modern large-scale business and professional services will significantly accelerate the pace of change.

“Twelve Five” period, the Dalian International Logistics Center of Northeast Asia, will focus more on advanced logistics network functions and thus further strengthen the construction of logistics infrastructure and effective convergence and coordination, and vigorously promote the socialization of logistics and professional services to accelerate international logistics and bonded logistics development, focusing on the logistics market allocation of resources to enhance capacity, improve the level of logistics information, speed up logistics personnel training, and strive to create a good environment for the development of the logistics industry, for the logistics industry in 2015, the level of development among the city’s 21 the forefront of national logistics node cities.

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