How to order drinking water in Chongqing

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Where to order?

Go downstairs of your building and you should easily find a small water deliver/retailer

Or you can use Chongqing Wanguo’s services. Chongqing Wanguo sells and delivers the jugs of purified Water to your home or to the office. No English Service!

Call the Hotline and order! (Chinese only)

Yuzhong district:          023/6370 5964
Yubei district:              023/6751 2839, 023/6092 5918

Brands of water that you can order

Yibao: 15rmb/jug
Lebaishi: 12rmb/jug
Yushuiyuan: 10rmb/jug
Chongpi: 10rmb/jug
Alixue: 8rmb/jug

If you purchase 10 vouchers you’ll get one voucher for free. (one voucher = one jug).

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