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Taxi-Book Application Chongqing

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Taxi-Book is your handy guide to key locations in Chongqing and a way to communicate with locals.

The app is made to help you navigate through a city by listing its key locations and allowing you to get there comfortably. You just choose a location and show its name and address, along with an instructional phrase to a local taxi driver.
Taxi-Book – The App:

• Knows hundreds of key locations in the city

• Knows your position + helps you find your destination

• Speaks Chinese for you

• Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

• “Nearest Venue” picker wheel

The app also features dialogue options for communicating with locals in their language: All phrases are written in Chinese and can be pronounced via Text-To-Speech Synthesis. Some phrases also feature likely answer options that the dialogue partners may choose as a reply. An English-Chinese dictionary containing more than 12,000 words can be used to fill gaps in some phrases.

The Taxi-Book app is a joint development by Taxi-Book and Yocoy who have combined their respective expertises in key areas to bring users this handy tool. This installment features Xiamen, also known as Amoy, which is a coastal city in southeastern China. It is administered as a sub-provincial city under Fujian province. It became one of China’s earliest Special Economic Zones in the 1980s. More Chinese cities are soon to follow.

• Locations: Hundreds of locations divided into 10 categories are featured.

• Locations come with detailed information like English and Chinese name, address, phone number, and GPS coordinates.

• View locations on Maps and find nearby places easily (requires online connectivity). You can also add your own locations, enter and save their data if you have discovered a new place that is not covered in the app.

• Once you’ve chosen a location, press the Taxi-Card button to bring up a simple yet effective page that allows you to tell a taxi driver clearly where you want to go. Show the page to the driver and shake the phone to make it pronounce the phrase with your desired destination.

• Taxi-Card: Choose between different color styles to customize the page to your liking.

• Dialogues: Special dialogues for use in a taxi situation like “Turn on the meter, please” or “How long will the ride take approximately?”

• Basic Phrases: For everyday situations to say things like “Hello”, “Thank you”, tell others your name or ask where the restrooms are.

• Favorites: Pick your favourite locations out of all the locations and add them to your favourites list for quick and easy access.

Link to the iTunes Store:
(Or easier: Type “Chongqing” in the iTunes Store)

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