Fapiao in China

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What kind of fapiaos exist?

Fapiao is the receipt for buying goods, services and other sales. There are three kind’s fapiaos: common tax fapiao, value-added tax fapiao ; specialty tax fapiao.  We normally use common tax fapiao, ie: taxi fapiao, air-ticket, bus ticket, food fapiao, etc.

How does it work?

When you buy goods, services and other sales, you can request to the seller to give you a fapiao.

Why did the government create this fapiao system?

In China, a lot of sales are cash sales, making it very difficult for the government to track the taxes, so they created the fapiao system.

How the scratch game works? How much can we earn?

The fapiaos of entertainment have scratch games. It is in the bottom right corner. You can scratch it, there have different prize: non-prize, 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 50 yuan, 100 yuan, etc.

How does the lottery games work? How much can you win?

The fapiaos of entertainment have second prize – lottery prize. You can check the lottery prize detail on website:

What can we do if a restaurant refuses to give you a fapiao or wants you to pay for it? Is there a phone number you can call?

Some restaurants instead of wanting to go through the legal process of paying taxes (20% of the amount spent) will offer you free gifts to settle the fapiao situation. If you request for a fapiao, but they keep on refusing you one, you can call 12315 (the hotline of Customer Guarantee Center) for Chengdu.

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2 Responses to Fapiao in China

  1. jagdish chander says:

    I have found during my visit to China that the restaurant owners and other retail businesses are invariably reluctant to issue any fapio to the customers when asked for it. i think attempts to evade tax are there and an aggressive media campaign to make people aware of the advantages and the prizes etc. need to be started for few months and repeated on regular intervals.

  2. Marketing says:

    Hi Jagdish,

    We also learned that you are right – most venues indeed try to not issue fapiao. The more local, the worse – including trying to make you happy with a bottle of Coca Cola or so.

    From experience we know that most places tend to have though, it’s a matter of arguing and not giving up :).

    Kindly and good luck obtaining your fapiao’s!

    China-wide Management Team

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