Taxi-Book App Suzhou: your handy guide to key locations and a way to communicate with locals.

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The app is made to help you navigate through a city by listing its key locations and allowing you to get there comfortably. You just choose a location and show its name and address, along with an instructional phrase to a local taxi driver. City guides, maps, translation & Chinese speech function to overcome communication issues are all integrated.

Launched for 30 Chinese cities, the Taxi-Book iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch applications are your handy guides to key locations and a way to communicate with locals.

Taxi-Book – Handy city guides for all key Chinese cities:
• know your position + help you find your destination
• know thousands of key locations
• Facebook/ Twitter sharing
• different search functions
• speak Chinese for you!
• 10 handy categories
• frequently updated

Kindly find more info down below & free Lite version on:

Android version & worldwide development are next..

Your destination, our drive!

The available cities are:
Beijing 北京 (free Lite version)
Beijing 北京 (full)
Changsha 长沙
Chengdu 成都
Chongqing 重庆
Dalian 大连
Fuzhou 福州
Hangzhou 杭州
Harbin 哈尔滨
Hongkong 香港
Guangzhou 广州
Guilin 桂林
Kunming 昆明
Nanjing 南京
Qingdao 青岛
Sanya 三亚
Shanghai 上海
Shenyang 沈阳
Shenzhen 深圳
Suzhou 苏州
Tianjin 天津
Wenzhou 温州
Wuhan 武汉
Xi`an 西安
Xiamen 厦门

(More cities are coming soon!)

The app also features dialogue options for communicating with locals in their language: more than 70 phrases are written in Chinese and can be pronounced via Text-To-Speech Synthesis. Note that you may fill gaps in the phrases using our English-Chinese dictionary containing more than 12,000 words. For example, in a restaurant you may say “I’m allergic to … (select/dictionary). Could you make this dish without it?” in perfect Chinese. Some phrases also feature likely answer options that the dialogue partners may choose as a reply.

This free app comes with a Beijing city guide which contains more than 500 locations in China’s capital. And if that’s not enough for you, just upgrade through buying the full content of Beijing to unlock more than 1,500 locations and speech output for all dialogues.

Taxi-Book also offers more city guides for all key Chinese cities. Each city contains hundreds of locations divided into ten useful categories for easy browsing. Some categories are further divided into useful sub-categories like French or Italian Restaurants. And if you don’t feel like browsing through the lists, just use the fast search option on each city’s home page to find the locations you are looking for.

Note: Buying another city means you pay just one time and can use it forever. There are NO HIDDEN COSTS.

– Locations: Hundreds of locations divided into 10 categories are featured.

– Locations come with detailed information like English and Chinese name, address, phone number, and GPS coordinates.

– View locations on Maps and find nearby places easily (requires online connectivity). You can also add your own locations, enter and save their data if you have discovered a new place that is not covered in the app.

– Once you’ve chosen a location, press the Taxi-Card button to bring up a simple yet effective page that allows you to tell a taxi driver clearly where you want to go. Show the page to the driver and shake the phone to make it pronounce the phrase with your desired destination.

– Taxi-Card: Choose between different color styles to customize the page to your liking.

– Dialogues: Special dialogues for use in a taxi situation like “Turn on the meter, please” or “How long will the ride take approximately?”

– Basic Phrases: For everyday situations to say things like “Hello”, “Thank you”, tell others your name or ask where the restrooms are.

– Favourites: Pick your favourite locations out of all the locations and add them to your favourites list for quick and easy access.

*Please note that while the app is designed to work in offline mode, using Map view and buying in-app purchasable content require internet access.

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