1912 Nanjing Mall and District

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1912 is a shopping mall in Nanjing covering the same size as Shanghai’s Xintiandi Mall. It is considered to be one of the best places in town if you are going out for dinner, a pint or plain and simple leisure. It is known as Yi Jiu Yi Er (1912 in Chinese) and is a modern mall built under old-style buildings that occupy a big area of the block between Chiang Jiang Street.
For most locals in Nanjing it is the most hip place to visit and expats tend to agree with that statement. It is slightly expensive but sometimes quality ought to be prioritized over quantity.
For anyone that has spent more than a casual couple of days in Shanghai, you will find that 1912 is somewhat similar to Xintiandi with its cobble stone pathways, open air cafes and the hip patrons.

History and Leisure
The 1912 Mall is named after the era when Dr. Sun Yat Sen seated Nanjing as capital for the new Republic of China, during the time that the Qing Dynasty was overthrew. The Mall is located next door to the old headquarters of the Chinese Nationalist Party, but it is unknown what activities are going on there today. It creates a mystique feeling and controversial thoughts do appear.

Places that are recommended to visit for expats include bars such as The Blue Marlin Expat Bar and Grill and the Rothenburg Bar. Some clubs that are warmly recommended are Mazzo, Scarlet and Soho.

If you are in the mood of having a relaxing evening there are plenty of restaurants around and if you are a coffee drinker, Starbucks is just around the corner.

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