Traffic Goes Underground in Chengdu

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The Chengdu new district is in progress of being built. It will consist of two parallel layers that will provide car parking lots, streets, public transportation and less traffic above ground by re-routing traffic to the underground tunnels that are currently being constructed.

The project is to be finished at the end of the year, and will be the first underground opening in the central and western parts of China.

According to the plan, circular passages will stretch within 1 km2 of the underground which will have a length of 2.8 km. This will enable separation between noisy car traffic and pedestrians, granting only taxi cabs and public transportation vehicles the possibility of driving on the surface. Routing the private vehicles to the new tunnels will hopefully have a positive impact on decreasing noise and pollution

The Head of the department of construction at Tianfu New District area tells us the underground space will be divided into two layers. The first layer will have car lanes, car parks and an underground business area. At the length of 2.8 km’s the car tunnel will be completely connected to the buildings on the surface with 8 connecting exits/entries. According to the plan the will be one lane in each direction and the middle one will be used for emergency stops. The lanes will be 4 m wide providing a safe distance between the cars.

The Head of construction explains they made so much underground space in this project that this area will become the largest parking space in Sichuan, providing room for 30.000 cars.

According to the plan, the second layer space, containing electricity, telecommunications, water supply and transformation-stations, will eliminate the need of digging for other departments. There will also be two energy stations that will provide centralized cooling and heating for the city, thereby saving energy and space.
The other highlight in this project is that Chengdu’s metro line 1 will be connected directly underground which will allow passengers to easily switch to other lines. It will also be practical to visit underground business centers, ground-level business centers and other sceneries.


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