Community Grows When We Work Together

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So many thanks and gratitude to all those who helped, supported, prayed and contributed towards a new vision.

My deepest thanks to Peng Xiaohua who was indispensible in the whole process.

And to:

Vanessa Priestly, Ed Sander, Simon Brown, Prof. AI, Dieter Vanonckelen, Carmen Trias Horta, Frances Nichol, Arjen van Schaijk, Areeya Tivasuradej, Mark Treacher, Bonnie Mowery, Zeng Yali, 徐煊 Xuxuan, Li Duan

Xiaoyang (Chengrui’s mother)

Tian Jun, Wang Xiao Shi, Lianru, and all the CURA staff.

Dr. Roy Korn, Frederique Darragon, Nicholas Christiansen, 蓓蕾 Beilei, Chris Ganeff and so many more, forgive me if I haven’t listed you all here.
Community grows when people honour a commitment to laugh, shout, cry, argue, sing, and scream with, and at, one another without destroying one another or the earth in the process. We can’t ever honestly celebrate diversity if we pretend to bring in the harvest before we have tilled the ground together.
– “The Ethics of Inclusion: Three Common Delusions” by John O’Brien, Marsha Forest, Jack Pearpoint, Shafik Asante & Judith Snow


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