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When you come to Chongqing, your job will mostly dictate where you will reside. However, the choice between city-centre and ‘sub-urbia’ can be daunting. This article is not able to offer you a solution but will give you few tips to consider when choosing an accommodation in this sprawling conurbation.

Chongqing has three city centers offering appeal for centrality and general convenience.
Jiefangbei (解放碑) is the location where it is most likely to have a upscaled and westernized lifestyle surroundings. However, it still is not equivalent to the likes of Shanghai or Beijing.
Jiangbei (江北) seems to catch up with Jiefangbei of late but still have a long way to go but the presence of best foreign food supermarkets has its appeal.
And then there is the Shapingba (沙坪坝). It is a lively and young area due to the fact that is closely located to several universities. Also here, the amenities are more foreign/friendly than in the suburbs.

Besides these three flourishing and busy metropolises, there are other city centers catching up th these big three like Nanping (南坪), Yangjiaping (杨家坪), and Yubei (渝北). Despite the big development progress of Yubei,its location is not me most convenient because it’s situated close to the airport. There are another three city centres – Beibei (北碚区), Dadukou (大渡口)and Yudong (渝东) – but these are relatively marginal locations.

City Centers – Pros and Cons

Whether living in the city center becomes a benefits or disadvantages depends on the person. Being able to take part of the vivid nightlife, the best shopping and vibrant atmosphere make them ideal for many and for the same reason, a terrible experience for others. These centers can appear hectic, packed with crowds, over-noisy from morning until night with tannoy-amplified commercialism. However, for party-animals, the city centers are ideal and for those who like to sleep occasionally, they leave much to be desired.

The following table will provide you some pro and contra arguments of living at the city center:


– Blocks tend to be well-guarded, incl. visitors check-in and out in the foyer
– It’s unlikely that your apartment will be burglered because hundred of family lives in such a block
– Foyer guards can give you information if any apartments are available in their particular block


– For 30-40 m2 : Expected to pay up to 1,000 RMB per m2
– The higher the storeys, the noisier it will be
– Accomodation is normally limited to small appartments

The advantage and disadvantages living in the Suburbs

Out of the city centers, the suburbia in the Chongqing conurbation has also amenities to offer. However, it’s the perfect place for people who want to escape from the noisy and never resting city centers. Here are some pro and contra arguments for paying attention to while choosing a home in the suburban areas:


– Fairly cheap
– Less noisy
– Surroundings are more relaxed emphasized with greenery and water features here and there (though usually turned off)
– The gate security is not as tight as in the city center
– Rapid improvements because a few supermarket chains are established in the suburban areas. Even though you have to go the city center, you’ll have to go less and less as things develop
– Security guards can give you information if any apartments are available in their particular block


– Foreigners might be an easy target for burglary because they are considered as being rich
– Far less high-rise
– Expensive security: 50-100 RMB estate fees per month
– The shops close-by: small and crammed with little of interest on offer
– Nightlife: restricted to KTV emporia

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