Foreigners, How to obtain a driving license

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Since more and more foreigners are moving to Chengdu, the demand for information in numerous foreign languages is growing as well. Aiming to provide a full service package, Maxxelli Real Estate runs a blog in several languages, containing information and useful basic knowledge for living in China.

One question we often receive is how foreigners can obtain their driver’s license in China. In order to be allowed to drive a car you will need a local driver’s license.  Your current foreign driver’s license is not enough as you will be required to obtain a Chinese license as well (although, when you don’t hold a foreign driving license it’s even more difficult).

If you hold a foreign driving license, the Chengdu Traffic Management Bureau can provide the Vehicle License Protocols signed with other countries and other related agreements. Almost all the countries have the following regulations (except for example lucky Belgians, they have a special -easier- process). Preconditions: foreigners should bring the driving license from their home country. If the driving license is not already in Chinese, the applicant should also provide the Chinese translation. For translations, please contact a certified local translation agency, like ClC lnterglobal (E-mail: clc@clc-interglobal.com). You need to have:

a physical test form filled and verified by hospital staff, your residence verification form by local police station, a visa which is more than 6 months from expiration, your passport and one copy, four 1-inch photos, your driving license (one copy of the driving license and the translated version of the driving license from the notary office, foreign affairs office or local translation agencies) and the completed application form. Then it’s a matter of getting some stamps and there you go. Note: you can only apply to local driving licenses for the same kinds of vehicles, providing that you meet the application requirements.

There is another way to organize a driving permit for China. You can contact a service agency, called China Visa Service, specialised in taking care of the paperwork concerning the Chinese driving licence and visa. You can contact the agency with the following information:

Tel: 13428688292
Msn: chinaservice8899@hotmail.com
Skype: chinaexpatservice
Email: zh@chinavisa-service.com
Website : http://www.chinavisa-service.com

For the driving license, you need to bring the following documents:

1.a copy of the main passport page

2.a copy of the valid visa ( any visa type is ok ).

3.a copy of the both sides of the overseas driving license (any driving license is ok )

4.a copy of the last entry stamp

5.8 one-inch color pictures with white background

6.Your chinese name and your height in centimeters

For those who do not have driving license, you need to register in a local driving school and get the training from the school before passing the examination. Note: a translator can be provided for those languages that are not available in the data bank. Available foreign languages: English and Japanese. Getting the local driving license: at the Vehicles Management Office, ask for the “Driving license application form” and “Vehicles driver physical condition form” and fill them out. After that, you will take the physical examination. Hand in the two forms from the exam, and the required documents mentioned above before paying the related fees at the counter. Hand in the bill in the hall and reserve the date for the examination. Then, obviously, pass the examination to get your Chinese driving license. Examination fee: applying car driving license: 280 RMB/ person (can take written test two times before having to pay again), applying motorcycle driving license: 140 RMB/ person/ times.

Contacts: Vehicle Management Department, Traffic Management Bureau, Chengdu. Tel: 028-87850133/134.

We wish you all the best obtaining your Chinese driver’s license & please, drive safely!

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