China International Beer Festival

Dalian – 14th China International Beer Festival

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26 July 2012 marked the first night of the 12-day beer drinking festivities in Dalian. With an estimated turn-out of around 250,000 attendees, this year’s China International Beer Festival is poised to be the biggest in Dalian’s history.

Spread across an area of 500,000 square meters in Dalian’s largest square – Xinghai Square – the venue will play host to some 400 domestic and foreign brands of beer from over 30 countries including Germany, USA, Czech Republic, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and many more. Organizers are expecting no less than 2 million attendees in the span of the event.

This year’s theme – Passion Beer Festival and Romantic Dalian – will be promoted via many night time performances and competitions including Beer Culture Exhibitions, Beer Drinking Contests, Beer Beauty Queen Contest, Beer Lucky Draw, and over 300 dancing/singing/musical performances in every tent. And as always, there will be no shortage of interesting snacks to try such as fried scorpion, spider, and donkey-meat sandwiches!

Dalian’s China International Beer Festival is quickly gaining reputation as the largest beer-related event in Asia and is recognized as the only “China International” Beer Festival in the world – differentiating itself from the previously more well-known “Qingdao International” Beer Festival.

A truly unique event for expats and locals alike, for those in town during these summer months, be sure to stop by Xinghai Square in Dalian to get a real taste of international beer culture as promoted in China! GANBEI!

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