Foreigners, How to obtain a driving license in Chengdu

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In China, in order to be allowed to drive a car you will need a local driving license. Indeed, your home driving license is not enough as you will be required to obtain a Chinese license as well. Below you will find all the information you need to obtain this license in Chengdu and you can download it in pdf format.

Note: countries like Belgium have a special agreement, which makes obtaining your Chinese driving license easier (no tests needed) – contact us for more information.

For getting the driving license in Chengdu the Traffic Management Bureau has the following regulations:


Foreigners should bring the driving license from their home country; if the driving license is not already in Chinese, the applicant should also provide the Chinese translation. For translations, please call local translation agency: 028-86283116.
Have your original driver’s license scanned(both sides) or photographed, send the pictures to

ClC lnterglobal:
E-mail: or

The Vehicle Management Bureau will execute the Vehicle License Protocols Signed with other countries and other related Agreements.

For the foreign driving license holders:

You need to have:

-physical test form filled and verified by hospital staff

-residence verification form by local police station 境外人员住宿登记表

– a visa which is more than 6 months from expiration

-your passport and one copy,

-four 1-inch photos;

-your driving license, one copy of the driving license and the translated version of the driving license from the Notary office, foreign affairs office or local translation agencies

-application form

Note: You can only apply to local driving licenses for the same kinds of vehicles, providing that you meet the application requirements. This means if you drive a car in your home country you will only be able to apply for a car license here, not one for large trucks or motorcycles. If you want to get a license for trucks/motorcycles you will need to attend driving school and complete all of the steps listed in the next section.

For those who do not have driving license:

You need to register in a local Driving School and get the training from the School before passing the examination.

Note: A Translator can be provided for those languages that are not available in the data bank;

Available foreign languages: English and Japanese

Getting the local driving license:

At the Vehicles Management Office, ask for the Driving License Application Form and Vehicles Driver Physical condition Form and fill them.

After that, you will take the physical examination. Hand in the two forms from the exam, and the required documents mentionned above before paying the related fees at the counter.

Hand in the bill in the hall and reserve the date for the examination;

Then, obviously, pass the examination to get your Chinese driving license.

Examination Fee:

Applying Car Driving License: 280 RMB / Person (Can take written test two times before having to pay again)

Applying Motorcycle Driving License: 140 RMB / Person / Times

Retake Examination Fee for Car Driving License: 140 RMB / Person

Retake Examination Fee for Motorcycle License: 70 RMB / Person

Driving License Issue Fee: 10RMB

Note: A translator can be provided for those languages that are not available in the data bank;

Available foreign languages: English and Japanese


Vehicle Management Dept, Traffic Management Bureau, Chengdu

Tele: 028-87850133/134

Information on how to obtain a Chengdu Drivers license

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7 Responses to Foreigners, How to obtain a driving license in Chengdu

  1. L Q Zhuang says:

    I am a foreigner and am here to work in Chongqing. I would like to apply for driving license classes A&B. I do not speak a work of Chinese.
    So can you please advise me what are the requirements and the fees involved.
    Where can I apply for driving license in Chong Qing.
    Many thanks.

  2. Marketing says:


    In order to obtain specific information, can I kindly ask where you are from and which Visa type you have?

    Enjoy the weekend!

    Maxxelli China-wide Management Team

  3. Marketing says:

    Hi again!

    In Chongqing, most information stays the same. When you already have a foreign driving license, you need:
    1. passport and copy
    2. driver’s license and copy
    3. two 1 inch photos
    4. residence permit
    5. application form
    6. physical test form

    When you’re not in possession of a foreign driving license, please go to the local driving training school. Residence permit is needed

    – Test 1: RMB 50
    – Test 2: RMB 160
    – Test 3: RMB 180

    Kindly and save driving!

    Maxxelli China-wide Management Team

  4. Jerome N. says:


    I’m in Chengdu and only have a 6 month F visa. I was woundering if you could tell me if it’s still possible for me to apply for a driver’s license?

    Thanks for the help,


  5. Marketing says:

    Hi Jerome!

    It won’t take long to get a Chinese driver license if you already have a non-chinese driver license. You just need to do the theory exam. However, make sure you bring “all” required documents when applying for the examination. Be mentally prepared to make a second or third trip just for the case something might be missing. I recommmend you to go to the Chengdu City Public Security Bureau Traffic Administration Bureau Office of Vehicle Management (四川省成都市郫县犀浦镇国林村) around 8 am or 1:30 pm. If you show up around 10 am or 3:30 pm then chances are that the proctor will tell you to come back the next shift.

    Good luck,


  6. subash says:

    hi !
    i am in chongqing . i would l like to apply for motorbike driving license in chongqing (i dont have driving license at all and i cant recognise chinese characters ). could u give me the address and telephone number of authorized office ? thank you !

  7. Marketing says:

    Hi, you can call their official number 968888 or send email to to ask for the info. The Department of Motor Vehicles’s address is No.89, Shixin Road, phone no: :023-68613429. Another branch is No.11, Shuangqiao, Renhe County, Jiangbei District. Hope this info can help you , have a nice day.

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