Yubei – A modern and evolving district of Chongqing

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Yubei is a rising international metropolis and the latest urban centre in Chongqing (one of the five largest cities in China). It is a district of the Chongqing municipally and can be found on the north bank of upper of Changjiang River and triangle area in the east bank of lower of Jialing River. It covers an area of approximately 1452 km² and it domiciles the only bonded port in China, the so called Lianglu Cuntan Port. More than one million residents live in the 12 towns and 14 sub-districts located in this area.

Short historical background of Chongqing

Chongqing is one of the most important, but least well known cities in whole China in terms of history. The city was founded 3000 years ago, however today there can’t be seen a lot of historical background anymore since the city is greatly developed and industrialized. The region today called Chongqing became in the 11th century BC the capital of the Ba State under the mythical King of the Yu. By the 12th century after AD the city has grown immensely and it was called Chongqing for the first time which means in Chinese “Double happiness”. In the past the city had to resist several invasions and some turbulent times.


In the last years Yubei underwent a lot of development from sustained and economic to social expansion. This region is a key agricultural hub in the suburban area of Chongqing and has been awarded with several national honours like “National Environmental Protection Model Urban Area”, “Home of Martial Arts of the Nation” or “Chinese Excellent Tourist Urban Area”. (Chongqing Business Guide 2012, 2012)
According to the Chongqing Business Guide 2012 the total output value of the district went up to become the municipality’s second highest. The total value of its large-scale industrial output has ranked first among the top ten industrial districts and the counties in Chongqing for the last five years. Furthermore the foreign investment in the actual use made up 10% of the municipality’s total foreign investment. The foreign trade output accounted for 20% of Chongqing’s total foreign trade.


In accordance with the Chongqing Business Guide 2012 Yubei’s goal is to become Chongqing’s first gateway for opening up to the outside world and to become the most liveable area in Chongqing and in the western part of China. Moreover, the district’s goal is to be a leading light in China’s advanced manufacturing and modern service industries. They want to reach this objective by speeding up the process of urban modernisation and internationalisation to become a model for other Chinese cities and create an open domestic highland. The district will emphasize the advancement and accomplishment of ten infrastructure projects including Tongmao Avenue, Chunhua Avenue, urban trade-offs, country roads and bus centres to assist urban development by investing over 13 billion Yuan.

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