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As the gateway to western China, Xi’an plays an important strategic role in the development of these regions. The city is served by an integrated transportation system, encircled by two ring roads – the Second Ring road and the Third Ring road. There are well-maintained highways to satellite cities such as Baoji and Tongchuan, and to famous scenic spots in suburban counties, and to the northern slopes of the Qinlin Mountains Since its construction in September 2007, the Xi-Han Expressway connects Hanzhong and Xi’an through the Qinling Mountains.

Xi’an also has an extensive railway network with six passenger transport railway stations in the city. The main Xi’an railway stations in the city. The main Xi’an railway station is one of the eight major national railway stations; other stations include Xi’an West, Xi’an East, Xi’an South, Xi’an North, Sanmincun, and Fangzhicheng. Xi’an main railway station covers 597,000m², has five passenger platforms, and 24 tracks. It provides 112 services to 80,000 people daily; there are services to Zhengzhou, Lanzhou, Baoji, and Mt. Hua. Since February 2010, China Railway High-speed 2 now runs express services from Xi’an to Baoji and Zhengzhou, with a total running time to Baoji of under 90 minutes, and 2 hours to Zhengzhou.

Trains run to several domestic cities, including Beiing (11-13 hours) Chengdu (13-18 hours), Chongqing (14 hours), Guangzhou (24 hours), Kunming (36-53 hours), Lanzhou (8-10 hours), Lhasa (36 hours), Shanghai (16-20 hours), Urumuqi (31-56 hours), Wuhan (14-18 hours) and Zhengzhou (2 hours). The first subway line, running north/south – although still partially under construction at the southernmost end – opened in September 2011. You can connect to and from the Xi’an North Train Station (Chinese: 西安北站) for the high-speed rail network. The second subway line, running West-East across the city is due for completion in 2013.

Xi’an Xianyang international Airport is located 40 km northwest of the city centre, in Xianyang. Flights are available to all major Chinese cities. As Xi’an is located in the hart and of China, it takes no more than 2 hours to fly to most Chinese cities. The main airlines using the airport are Chang’an and China Eastern. There are direct flights from Xi’an to many major cities in Asia, including Bangkok, Fukuoka, Hong Kong, Osaka, Pusan, Sapporo, Singapore, Soul and Taipei. A third terminal has recently been completed, with a second runway and related support facilities.

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