Tourism in Xi’an

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Due to its rich historical culture, Xi’an has become globally renowned as a “Natural History Museum”. In 2003, Xi’an was identified as the best tourist destination city by the World Tourism Organisation. It has 2,499 cultural relics – of which 41 have historical and cultural status under State protection – and over 120,000 unearthed cultural relics. The Qin Terra-Cotta Warriors and Horses are reputed as “the Eighth Wonder of the World”; the Qinshihuang Mausoleum is the first Chinese site included in the World Heritage List; the Ancient City Wall of Xi’an is the largest intact wall of its kind in the world. But Xi’an has more than just history. Local areas of outstanding natural beauty include Mt. Lishan State-level Scenic and historic Area, and the National Geo-park of Mt. Cuihua. Seven national nature reserves – Zhouzhi, Mt. Taibai, and Niubeiliang are ideal places for ecological sightseeing, recreation and tourism.

In recent years, tourism facilities have been continuously upgraded and the tourism environment and service quality have also been improved. Xi’an now has 94 star-rated hotels (including 5 five-star hotels, 21 four star hotels); 262 travel agencies (39 international travel agencies, and 223 domestic travel agencies); 23 Grade-A scenic spots and about 180,000 employees in the tourism and hospitality industries. So far, over 100 Heads of State and governments have visited Xi’an. In 2009, Xi’an attracted 673,000 visitor-days by overseas toursits and 38.62 million visitor-trips by domestic tourists. The gross income of Xi’an’s tourist industry amounted to 29.74 billion Rmb in 2009, an increase of 22.1% compared to 2008.

Source: XIBF Business Guide

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