Western Food Options in Downtown Dalian

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It goes without saying that living in China provides a perfect chance to try various Chinese dishes. If you have chosen Dalian, you are especially lucky to enjoy some of the highest quality seafood available in the country. But have you ever wondered where to go when you’re missing your hometown food? Missing the original cheese, the authentic butter, or imported black paper? Here, we strongly recommend some restaurants in Dalian where you might find a way back home!

Unome, an elegant place of European style, is located near Olympic Square. If you are a big fan of pasta, you will definitely fall in love here. Appetizing burgers and sandwiches are always on the menu too. With good coffee and tea, it is not only a place to eat, but also an excellent cafe to chill. With their large windows to view outside, this restaurant slash café promotes literacy and communication thru regular English Corner events. They are also kid-friendly with special plates and spoons for your little one.

Brooklyn, a good choice if you are fond of American food. It is a nice restaurant as well as a fantastic bar with an impressive selection of liquor. Custom-made pizza pies are one of the specialties that you don’t want to miss, as well as authentic Mexican cuisine. Don’t leave without trying the cheesecake and “Wife Stealer” dessert.

Café Copenhagen, with a graceful environment, this is a good place to bring a date to. The romantic atmosphere, the wide-range of dishes, and part-time Jazz musicians will give you a comfortable experience. Read a book under the bright light and enjoy the white décor with ease. Foreign communities and organizations often hold networking events here so keep an eye out if you are looking to meet friends or business contacts.

Len Bach, a German restaurant with two branches in Dalian, one of which is located in Xinghai Square only a few steps away from the Bohai sea – this restaurant’s outdoor patiao poses one of the best views in the city. While known for the lamb chop and steak, the pasta is also quite popular amongst regulars. Another fan favourite? There also is a scrumptious German bratwurst, which appeals to countless customers. Don’t forget that here; German beer is on tap every day!

Dalian has many restaurant options to be tried, which offer a variety of tasty western cuisine. Not only should you go to enjoy the meal but it’s also a good way to get familiar with other foreigners in Dalian and make new friends! So once the cravings hit, get up and go!

Written by Rachel Wan

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