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Wuhan International SOS Clinic 国际SOS诊所

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Note: This is a private clinic working only with membership for foreigners, they speak several foreign languages (English, French, Dutch and Arabic)

SOS International is the world’s largest medical assistance company, with operations in 41 countries and 25 alarm centers, committed to the healthcare needs of travelers 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

In case of local hospitalization, SOS International will check the facilities and the quality of the local hospital. In case they believe the hospital is not capable enough, SOS will arrange transfer to another hospital. They will also check your medical status with the local hospital and discuss with the patientor family.

There are three alarm centers in China; in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. SOS has established relationships with over 150 major hospitals and emergency centers throughout China. They have a close working relationship with air force, ground force, and Chinese and international commercial airlines. SOS can depend on support from local health authorities and tourism administrations.

Their wholly owned clinics operate in countries where medical care of an international standard is unavailable, or where cultural and language barriers make it difficult to receive appropriate care.


  • Primary care
  • Diagnostic care
  • 24/7 emergency care
  • Simple vaccination
  • Emergency heart attack treatment
  • Specialist care in many fields, including: gynecology, pediatrics and ophtalmology
  • Complimentary information sessions
  • Pre-natal and post-natal care
  • Immigration health checks
  • First-aid training
  • Occupational health programs
  • International-standard pharmacy
  • Laboratory and diagnostic services
  • X-ray and ultrasound tests
  • Dentistry
  • Physical therapy
  • Counseling


Make sure you buy your membership for this clinic. You can choose between a corporate and an individual membership. More information can be found on the website of SOSInternational.

Address of SOS International in Wuhan:

Ginkgo Village, Dongfeng Sunshine City, Guan Hu Street, Hanyang District (沌口东风阳光城银杏园)


Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 9 Am – 12 Pm and 4 Pm – 7 Pm

Sat: 10 Am – 12 Pm


When you need any advice on local hospitals you can contact the liason for SOS International Mr. Rick Liu 刘进:

Mon – Fri: 9

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2 Responses to Wuhan International SOS Clinic 国际SOS诊所

  1. Robert Fortin says:

    I am Canadian and I am presently in Wuhan.
    I would need to have my blood pressure checked and I am seeking for an english speaking doctor to help me. I am a SOS member.
    Would you please give me a phone number to call in order to take an appointment.
    Thank you.
    Robert Fortin

  2. Marketing says:

    Dear Robert,

    Wuhan International SOS Clinic indeed seems the best International Clinic in town.

    Another option where quite some foreigners tend to go is the Zhongnan Hospital Affiliated to Wuhan University. More info in the link & below:
    No.169, East Lake Road, Wuchang District. 武汉大学中南医院
    Tel: 027-67812999

    Seems like you already are in touch with our colleague Leslie, please give her a ring (18627011875) for more information or any elocation needs.

    For handy Wuhan City Guide, please download the Wuhan Taxi-Book App in the China Taxi-Book system.

    Another good reference for living in Wuhan: Women of Wuhan useful info

    Regards and Happy Holidays,

    Maxxelli Real Estate, China-wide Management Team

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