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Much more than an intelligent English-Chinese phrasebook. From 1,500 phrases and a dictionary of 12,000 words i-You produces millions of correct Chinese sentences without any internet connection. Translations are shown in Chinese writing and Pinyin transliteration and can be clearly pronounced in standard (Mandarin) Chinese. Moreover, your Chinese conversation partner can select answers that will then be translated for you into English.

i-You was developed by an international team of top-class computer scientists, linguists and Chinese communications experts. It allows you to communicate easily with Chinese speakers across the language barrier. The app can be used in practically every daily situation such as ordering a taxi, asking for directions, chitchatting, shopping and even bargaining for a good price. It also covers many emergency situation. In cases where you do not know how to name or describe an object, a building, some Chinese characters or a dish, you can even use a photo in combination with a sentence.

The combination of dialogues for many situations, voice output and Pinyin transliteration can also help in learning basic Chinese.

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2 Responses to i-You

  1. Brian B. dit :

    Can you point us to where we can read or even buy a copy?

  2. Martin dit :

    For more information please have a look at their webpage:

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