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How to use a Pre-paid China Mobile Card

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What do you do when China Mobile is closed and you need to put credit on to your phone? All you have to do is go into a corner shop and ask for a “Chong zhi Ka”.

The problem with recharging your phone with this kind of card is that the English instructions aren’t very clear.

Follow these instructions on how to add credit with a pre-paid card. Don’t try to understand what is being said…just follow these instructions:

1. Purchase a China Mobile pre-paid recharge card

2. Scratch off the coat to get the PIN number

3. Dial 13800138000

4. The automated service will begin. Press 2 for English, then press 2, then press 1#, and then 1 to confirm.

5. You will now be prompted for the PIN number which is the scratched off bit on your card. After entering it hit the # key.

6. It will say something like ‘wait a minute’ before it confirms that your card is now charged and ready to go.

That’s it. At any time you can send “YE” to 10086 and find out how much credit you have left on your phone. Normally you’ll get 1-2 txt messages a day warning you before it’s over as well. If you’re expecting important calls it’s noteworthy to not let it expire as people won’t be able to call you if you don’t recharge the card.

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