Shenzhen – Guilin day flight

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The 1st May or the so called Labour Day Holiday is approaching soon and many people are planning to travel during this time. Therefore, airlines are organizing extra flights in order to accommodate more passenger traffic. China Southern airlines in Shenzhen will add flights to Guilin on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday starting on 15th April. The following will give more detailed information about depart and return flight of the Shenzhen – Guilin route:

Route CZ3951/2

Depart in Shenzhen: 21.10h
Arrival in Guilin: 22.15h

Depart in Guilin: 23.00h
Arrival in Shenzhen: 00.05h

The flights will be available until 27th October. After this flight starts its operations, China Southern intends to add a morning Shenzhen-Guilin flight rout e (CZ3239/40).

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