New opportunities for development in Dalian Tourism

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A valuation group from the Dalian Municipal Bureau of Tourism made an consideration on tourism in Jinzhou New Area and spoke highly of the priority given it by leadership, down-to-earth work and great achievements. Yan Lijun, deputy director of the New Area Administrative Committee, participated in the evaluation.

The leaders of the New Area have attached importance to tourism, made surveys and suggestions on stepping up the tourism industry and supported tourism by appropriating a special fund for it. After the establishment of the New Area this year, they restructured the Bureau of Tourism into functional departments of the Administrative Committee, going all out to promote key tourism projects, festivals, the creation of A-class tourist attractions and tourism safety, achieving great success. At present, 11 key tourism projects that are part of 10 series of tourism construction projects in Dalian in 2010 are under construction as planned; there are no severe tourism security accidents or complaints about tourism service quality in the area, realizing the “four unities”— safety, order, quality, and efficiency, creating a favorable environment for domestic and foreign tourists.

The evaluation group listened to the work report of the Jinzhou New Area Bureau of Tourism and visited the DDA planning and construction exhibition on class 3A tourism attractions. All group members agreed that the New Area is rich in tourism resources: hills and mountains, sea, sand, rare stones, springs and theme parks; it has done solid work with ideas, actions and achievements; it has played an important role in driving the development of Dalian’s tourism economy with its abundant tourism fruit. They expect that the New Area will consolidate the results, further integrate tourism resources, support and develop bigger and stronger tourism enterprises, open excellent tourist routes, brand tourism products, strengthen tourism practitioner training, improve the quality of tourism and provide more models for Dalian’s tourism.

Yan Lijun said that since the inception of the New Area, they have made new opportunities for development through a “strong-strong union” among tourism enterprises. With abundant tourism resources and its economic and social foundation, the New Area will, with great confidence and firm determination, develop the tourism industry, highlight their own features and create excellence, making it the best of Dalian as well as of Liaoning and China.

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