Things to do in Shenzhen

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If you’re moving to Shenzhen or just transient in the city, you could probably need some advice on how to make the most of your time in the city. Here are some leads on what you could do in Shenzhen.

First, Shenzhen has a lot of different themes parks, from the military Minsk World to the Shenzhen Safari Park, without forgetting Happy Valley. The young like the older ones will find what they need. But Window of the World is definitely the more impressive one. This original park displays the most famous sights of the world. With 130 reproductions, from the Eiffel Tower to the Mount Fuji, this great place will enable you to save 79 of the 80 days thought to be needed to go round the world. If you don’t mind mixing culture and pleasure, you will check the Splendid China Folk Village. This park not only exhibit villages representing the 56 ethnics group you can find in mainland China, but also miniature replicas of Chinese historical monuments such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

If you’re more the shopping spree type, you’ll have a walk in one of the numerous Shenzhen’s shopping malls. The geeks will go for the SEG Electronic Market, while the fashion victims will opt for MixC Shopping Mall, the largest of Shenzhen.

All these visits and activities will probably leave you tired and craving for some refreshment. If that so, you might want to drop by the Dameisha or Xiaomeisha seaside resorts to take the plunge. Apart from the beaches, you will also find there, several seafood restaurants, along with stands and stores devoted to seaside entertainment. The entrance fee is 20 Yuans.

At the end of the day, when you could use a drink or two, will come the time to ask yourself this crucial question: where to go out in Shenzhen? The Coco Park Bar Street and Shekou are the districts you need. Feeling peckish? That’s not a problem either, since restaurants are abundant in this part of the city. And for the nostalgic of Western gastronomy, the Cheese & Wine Club organize a tasting the last Saturday of each month. This is the perfect occasion for meeting new friends, and getting your monthly fix of decent cheese and wine.

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